It's finally time for Ghost Stories From A Bar II! In this episode I chat with with Mike Diana from the Schenectady County Historical Society. We hang out at Mad Jack Brewing at The Van Dyck, have some beers, and talk about some of the ghost stories Schenectady has known for as well some of the history behind them. Grab a drink and enjoy!

For Episode 46 I am hanging out at The Ruck in Troy, NY with Jake from Northeast Beer Community! We work our way through a few beers which you will hear all about as we chat Northeast Beer Community and how it came to be, the upcoming anniversary party, they beer he has brewed with Chris Schell from The Warbler, and all kinds of other general beer chit chat. Grab a drink and enjoy!

*side note: just ignore the part where I say it's "Episode 42"

For Episode 45 I had the pleasure of sitting down with the owners of Common Roots Brewing Company Bert and Christian Weber! We have some beers and talk all about the early days of Common Roots, the fire that burned it all down, the community and rebuilding, and of course their foundation. It's an action packed episode, Enjoy!

On location for Episode 44 at The Warbler Brewery in Delmar, NY! I hang out with Owner/Brewer Chris Schell while we taste and talk about a glorious smattering of his beers as well as the brewery, how he got into brewing, the worst beer he's ever made, and some real nature nerd stuff. Enjoy!

In Episode 43 I am hang out at the new brewery in Guilderland, NY Mixed Breed Brewing! I'm joined by 3 of 5 owners Guy Bucey, Josh Matot, and Matt Mead as we talk about all kinds of things including the brewery and their plans, how they got into beer and brewing, and their grand opening. As a heads up some parts may be a little low sound wise as I admittedly did not have the best setup for 4 people. Don't let that stop you from enjoying this great episode though!

For Episode 42 I day drink and chat (virtually) with owner of The Pony Bar in NYC Dan McLaughlin! We talk about life, how he got into the craft beer scene, NYC, The Pony Bar, and keeping it all going during the pandemic. Grab a drink and enjoy!

In Ep 41 I welcome I welcome Steve Barnes to the show! Steve has been at the Times Union since 1996 and we chat about the evolution of the business, his popular Table Hopping blog, how he got into journalism, and even a little bit about exotic dancers. Check it out!

For Episode 40 I am hanging out (virtually) and doing some day drinking with Tim Walton! We talk about everything Tim is up to with 518 Brews and the other 518 Facebook groups as well as Tim's Kitchen and his business Paladin Media LLC. Grab a drink and enjoy!

For Ep 39 I am hanging out (virtually) with local musician Josh Casano! We have some drinks and chat about life, music, and smoking meat. Enjoy!

In Episode 38 I have some beers and hang out virtually with Jeff Morad the Program Director at WEQX! We drink, laugh, and talk about all kinds of nonsense including EQX, some favorite moments, how he got into radio, beer, and even the last time he saw his own chin that's under that iconic beard of his. Have a beer and enjoy the last episode of 2020!

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